Rahab Centre for Hope is a humanitarian charitable organisation founded in 2010, registered as a Society under the Indian Societies Registration Act. 1860.  Registration No. S/RS/SW/0139/2010 dated 23/11/2010.

Bethel Bhawan Shelter Home for Women”, is a SAFE HOME for women who are abused, orphaned, distressed and victims of human trafficking run by Rahab Centre for Hope, New Delhi, India.  We cater for them by providing them food, shelter, education and training, trauma counselling and assist them in employment opportunities.  It has been a decade and Rahab has rehabilitated a total of 116 women, of which 16 are internationally trafficked women from Nairobi, Kenya, 01 Columbia, 01 Afghanistan, 01 Bangladesh, and 03 from Myanmar.   Rahab Centre for Hope is committed to give these women a second chance to live life, and help their DREAMS come true.

It has received its Licence from the Department of Women & Child Development, Government of NCT Delhi, Government of India, Licence No. 16675 to run a  Shelter Home for women.

REHABILITATION & DEVELOPMENT -  Holistic development of women in which we focus on Education – Formal and Non-formal, Counselling, Psychiatric treatment, Skill and Vocational training, Health, Medical assistance which includes pregnancy and delivery and legal assistance and focuses on the holistic development of women and helps them to stand on their own feet. 

EMPLOYMENT & REINTEGRATION-Assist women in find employment to enable them reintegrate back into society.

REPATRIATION and Marriage - Rahab has been successful in repatriating them to their homes. We also play an important role of being guardians for selection of their life partner, and support their wedding expenses.


Rahab also ensures that they get initial support to be financially independent.

A Tailoring, Stitching & Designing course is supported by the Embassy of Ireland, New Delhi India - IRISH AID.

E-Driving classes – women learn to drive the E-Rickshaw (a tri vehicle run on battery). 

E-Rickshaw donated by GUARDIAN INDIA Operations Ltd.

SHG (Self Help Groups)   - Income generating program.  Formed a group of 12 women and each women save their pennies monthly and amount collected in the month is used to provide a loan for small business opportunity.




Apart from the project of to save victims of Human Trafficking in Delhi, Rahab is working  towards Community development projects as well, and opened DEEKSHA SHIKSHA KENDRA - a FREE TUITION CENTRE FOR 50 DROP OUT GIRLS to help them complete their High School in village Junawai, district Sambhal, UP.  The block Pramukh, BDO and representative from Rahab organisation are the members of the monitoring committee.  We have received school books from block Pramukh through education fund of village panchayat.                           

We provide EDUCATION to the Girl Child, as well as give training for Group Formation, Mother's group and train them on health and hygiene, bring about awareness on the government schemes which are especially for the underserved Community, thus Rahab works as a facilitator.   There are 100 more girls in waiting ready to take admission, but due to covid we are unable to enrol them in the month of April, but will start the tuition centre after the Orders from Government.


Medical Camps – Preventive & Curative Services

Rahab has conducted 9 Medical camps by providing preventive and curative services in the villages of Punjab, as a Door Step facility for the benefit of their health.  Four Camps were conducted in New Delhi, 3 camps in village Maili, Dist Hoshiarpur, Punjab, 2 medical Camps in Village Junawai, dist Sambhal, UP.



Rahab has opened a Health Clinic in Village Chhutmalpur, district Saharanpur, U.P., by providing community mobilization to Ages Foundation of India a Pan India Trust working in the nearby villages of Chhutmalpur, as there is no proper Health Clinic, hospital or a Pharmacy in the neighbouring 5 villages.


Rahab Centre for Hope also runs a Training Division and provides trainings to NGO's on CBO's formation, SHG's formation (Group formation, election and selection of office bearers of SHG, record keeping, saving, inter-loaning  bank account and how to start IGP) we also conducted classes in school on child rights. Health and hygiene classes and workshops were also conducted in the villages.

Presently we have two SHGs (Self Help Groups) in district Haridwar where there are around 30 women who are from underserved community and after saving they have started inter loaning and the records are updated.

The second one is in district Saharanpur, U.P.  Within a span of 9 months, one of the SHG members husband has taken a loan and started an Electric Shop and another SHG members son is planning to start a Barbers Shop, post Corona, in the same village.


As part of our Women Empowerment Program,  Rahab has plans to open up a Tailoring & Stitching Unit in Gadkoli, dist. Saharanpur, U.P. for the women and adolescent girls where we can use the Tailoring unit as a tool for conducting In-house Training on Health & Hygiene, menstrual, pre-natal and post-natal care and empower these women who are socially excluded from the community.

Rahab Centre for Hope is dedicated towards the Community Development Programs and is committed towards the development of socially excluded women, as well as   towards abused, distressed, exploited women and help them enter into the mainstream of society.

Our Vision

  • Rahab Centre for Hope – a Society formed to provide and sustain hope and to empower the deprived, discriminated and marginalized persons irrespective of caste, creed, color and culture, with the aim of facilitating them restart a new chapter of their lives.
  • To make them members of a renewed, rejuvenated community, transformed in their daily walk, leveraging innovative opportunities, and sharing life experiences of success.
  • To provide and equip them to meet long term needs, and attain dignified living standards.
  • To instill/inculcate in them high ethical values and standards rooted in divine truth and wisdom.

Our Mission

To combat human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, through an integrated network of partners that work on prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, training and employment, restoring the victims’ dignity and enabling them to become independent and fully integrated into society.

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