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Dr Sanjay Patra Dr Sanjay Patra Founder

Starting his journey as a Chartered Accountant, he found his footing in the social sector, during the early 90s, when the civil society movement was going through a tumultuous change and lent his critical voice in many national and international deliberations. Dr Patra, known for his quick wit and logical approach has served for more than two decades in the Financial Management Services Foundation (FMSF), which works in building capacities of Development Organizations in the areas of Governance, Financial Management and Legal Compliances. He served as a member of the Planning Commission task group for drafting policies on the voluntary Sector from 2005-07. In the realms of Financial Management, Governance and Legal aspects of Civil Society Organisations, he has been a resource person in many national as well as international workshops, having facilitated more than 500 workshops till date. He is also a visiting faculty for Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), India, and teaches stewardship at Haggai Institute, Hawaii. A recognized social activist and writer, Sanjay serves on a number of boards and committees of National and International non-profit groups. As a founder and thought leader for Indiadonates, he would be the flag-bearer of accountability and transparency as well as a mentor to the team.

Sandeep Sharma Sandeep Sharma Founder

Since 2005, Sandeep has been providing leadership to Financial Management Service Foundation in shaping its program strategy and outreach. One of his core competencies lies in the areas of Organizational Development particularly focusing on Governance and Management of NGOs. He has been involved in several organizational development processes for various national and international organizations. He is a seasoned trainer and has facilitated more than 500 workshops across the globe. He is committed to the values of accountability and transparency and is one of the upcoming and leading voices of NGO space and has very wide acceptance within and around the sector. He serves on the board of various national and international agencies. While within the team, he is known for his analytical mind and the gift of the gab, it is his sensibility and deep-rooted empathy for social causes that helped him envision Indiadonates. He founded Indiadonates with a premise to establish an ethical fundraising platform that could optimise the strength of individuals, and minimize the friction of resource availability on the ground. An ardent exponent of ‘technology to drive social innovation’, Sandeep regularly writes on technological enhancements that could improve the landscape of civil society organizations.

Our Team

Uttama Pandit Uttama Pandit Head-Operations

Uttama is the Head of INDIAdonates and the driving force behind all that INDIAdonates does. Her varied work includes; looking at different ways to diversify our fundraising, establishing contacts with corporates, training our NGO partners in the art of communication and fundraising among others. She strongly believes in creating and nurturing syndicates of conscientious individuals, who become equal participants in the growth story of India. As a team leader, Uttama believes in bringing together the strengths of each member of the team. Uttama likes to unwind by watching movies and understanding the nuances of film-making.

Puja Biswas Puja Biswas Manager- Partnership and Communication

Puja comes with experience in program planning and management, strategic partnership development as well as development communication, within the social sector. With her work at INDIAdonates, Puja aims to harness the power of collective good and strategic collaborative efforts to exponentially replicate positive change in the lives of many. On her days off, Puja likes unwinding with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a good book for company.

Prithvi Singh Chauhan Prithvi Singh Chauhan NGO Partnership Officer

At INDIAdonates, Prithvi is responsible for nurturing and fostering the relationship with our NGO partners. Writing proposals,providing hand-holding support to our partners, monitoring and evaluating our programs are all part of his daily task list. He is especially passionate about climate change, gender, public health and governance. When not at work , Prithvi likes to go out on solo trips, swim and read non-fiction books.

Nazia Parween Nazia ParweenDonor Relation Officer

Nazia is the team's go-to person for all things fundraising related. Building relations with our donors, researching on the latest CSR trends, organising donor events are just some of the things she does on the daily. When not working, Nazia is often seen experiencing the various aspects of Delhi’s varied culture.

Suraj Khanna Suraj Khanna Communications Officer-Design and Films

Suraj is the team's in-house designer. Conceptualizing and creating videos , designing our social media posts and strategizing on how to bring stories to life are just some of the things he does. An art enthusiast , he likes to share stories through his art and self directed films.

Ranveer Singh Ranveer Singh Finance and Admin Officer

As the Finance and Admin Officer for INDIAdonates, Ranveer’s role is varied. Helping us finalize budgets, working alongside the partners to ensure proper documentation, or explaining complex finance problems in easy ways are just some of the things he does. When not in front of the computer going through budgets, Ranveer likes to travel to new places, go on treks and explore the great outdoors.

Annu Yadav Annu YadavFundraising Officer

Annu works in the fundraising vertical of INDIAdonates. Her work includes establishing relations with our corporate partners, fostering relations with our donors and strategizing and ideating. When not working, Annu likes to pour out her thoughts through poems, read about spirituality and write blogs.

Richa Bhambi Richa BhambiNGO Partnership Officer

Richa Bhambi is a NGO Partnership Officer with a rich work experience in the field of Research, Documentation, Television Journalism, News Production and Development Communication. At INDIAdonates, Richa is responsible for Strategic Development Partnership and Capacity Building. She holds a master’s degree in Media Governance from Jamia Milia Islamia. During her off days, Richa loves to travel and sketch.

Shivani Sharma Shivani SharmaCommunication Officer

At INDIAdonates, Shivani is responsible for the communications vertical of INDIAdonates. Her strength lies in ideating, strategically planning and looking for avenues to strengthen the organization’s communication. She is passionate about looking for ways to inculcate effective communication in her work. An animal lover, when not working, Shivani enjoys spending time with animals, especially dogs.