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Dr Sanjay Patra Dr Sanjay Patra Founder

Starting his journey as a Chartered Accountant, he found his footing in the social sector, during the early 90s, when the civil society movement was going through a tumultuous change and lent his critical voice in many national and international deliberations. Dr Patra, known for his quick wit and logical approach has served for more than two decades in the Financial Management Services Foundation (FMSF), which works in building capacities of Development Organizations in the areas of Governance, Financial Management and Legal Compliances. He served as a member of the Planning Commission task group for drafting policies on the voluntary Sector from 2005-07. In the realms of Financial Management, Governance and Legal aspects of Civil Society Organisations, he has been a resource person in many national as well as international workshops, having facilitated more than 500 workshops till date. He is also a visiting faculty for Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), India, and teaches stewardship at Haggai Institute, Hawaii. A recognized social activist and writer, Sanjay serves on a number of boards and committees of National and International non-profit groups. As a founder and thought leader for Indiadonates, he would be the flag-bearer of accountability and transparency as well as a mentor to the team.

Sandeep Sharma Sandeep Sharma Founder

Since 2005, Sandeep has been providing leadership to Financial Management Service Foundation in shaping its program strategy and outreach. One of his core competencies lies in the areas of Organizational Development particularly focusing on Governance and Management of NGOs. He has been involved in several organizational development processes for various national and international organizations. He is a seasoned trainer and has facilitated more than 500 workshops across the globe. He is committed to the values of accountability and transparency and is one of the upcoming and leading voices of NGO space and has very wide acceptance within and around the sector. He serves on the board of various national and international agencies. While within the team, he is known for his analytical mind and the gift of the gab, it is his sensibility and deep-rooted empathy for social causes that helped him envision Indiadonates. He founded Indiadonates with a premise to establish an ethical fundraising platform that could optimise the strength of individuals, and minimize the friction of resource availability on the ground. An ardent exponent of ‘technology to drive social innovation’, Sandeep regularly writes on technological enhancements that could improve the landscape of civil society organizations.

Our Team

Uttama Pandit Mr. Puran Jha CEO

Mr. Puran Jha is a seasoned Development Professional with over 16 years of experience in Development Sector, Grant Management, Project Planning and Monitoring, Good Governance, Systems Development, and Legal Compliance. A prolific trainer with a passion for building capacities and multiplying impact at the grassroots, Mr. Jha has conducted over 500 training sessions/ workshops, and masterclasses for Civil Society Organizations. Mr. Jha’s robust grassroots experience and program management and NGO management expertise have been pivotal in his work on multiple projects and as a consultant for over 500 organizations across South Asia, ranging for Philanthropic Foundations, Businesses to Grass- root NPOs.

In his free time, Mr. Jha loves travelling to explore different places and cities as well as explore his own city while cycling.

With a strong background in building institutions, developing policies, accompaniment support, monitoring and management of grants and philanthropy, Mr. Puran Jha is set to lead INDIAdonates towards new heights of excellence and impact.

Uttama Pandit Uttama Pandit Head- Operations

Uttama is the Head of INDIAdonates and the driving force behind all that INDIAdonates does. Her varied work includes; looking at different ways to diversify our fundraising, establishing contacts with corporates, training our NGO partners in the art of communication and fundraising among others. She strongly believes in creating and nurturing syndicates of conscientious individuals, who become equal participants in the growth story of India. As a team leader, Uttama believes in bringing together the strengths of each member of the team. Uttama likes to unwind by watching movies and understanding the nuances of film-making.

Puja Biswas Puja Biswas Head- Communications and Partnership

Puja comes with experience in program planning and management, strategic partnership development as well as development communication, within the social sector. With her work at INDIAdonates, Puja aims to harness the power of collective good and strategic collaborative efforts to exponentially replicate positive change in the lives of many. On her days off, Puja likes unwinding with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a good book for company.

Nazia Parween Nazia ParweenLead-Strategic Partnership and Management

Nazia is the team's go-to person for all things fundraising related. Building relations with our donors, researching on the latest CSR trends, organising donor events are just some of the things she does on the daily. When not working, Nazia is often seen experiencing the various aspects of Delhi’s varied culture.

Abhishek Chandran Abhishek Chandran Communication Specialist (Design and Films)

Abhishek is a creative professional with an extended experience in the advertising industry, having worked with various brands and creative agencies in Mumbai. Due to reasons related to his faith, he decided to make a shift from the advertising sector to the development sector in order to use the talents and skills he picked up in advertising towards bringing about a meaningful change in the lives of people and communities through the power of story-telling. He's also a singer-songwriter and in his free time likes to sharpen and nurture his creative ability.

Sanjay Gupta Sanjay Gupta Finance and Admin Officer

As the Finance and Admin Officer for INDIAdonates, Sanjay’s role is varied. Helping us finalize budgets, working alongside the partners to ensure proper documentation, or explaining complex finance problems in easy ways are just some of the things he does. When not in front of the computer going through budgets, Sanjay spends time playing cricket and traveling to new places

Meghna Singh Tomer Meghna Singh Tomer Lead- NGO Partnership and Linkages

Meghna is the team’s link with our on-ground NGO partners. She regularly brainstorms and curates fundraising campaigns and develops projects along with our partners. With a lifelong desire to work within the development sector, Meghna did her post-graduation in Social Work with a focus on Clinical and Community Practice from Christ University, Bangalore. Outside of work, Meghna loves reading, writing and performing poetry. On weekends, she’s most likely to be found at an open-mic.

Anukriti Bhatt Anukriti Bhatt Lead- Strategic Partnership and Management

Anukriti comes with 6 years of experience in Fundraising and Corporate Partnership with multiple non-profit organizations. With her role in IndiaDonates, she aims to establish corporate relations, bring CSR funds and maintain relations with our donors. Apart from this, she enjoys travelling to mountains for trekking or visiting different states for learning about the diversity of culture.

Prastuti Goswami Prastuti Goswami Lead- NGO Partnership and Linkages

Prastuti comes with an experience of more than 6 years in the development sector. With her role in INDIAdonates, she aims to strengthen partnership with organizations across the development sector spectrum, helping them in development of new projects and avenues. In her free time, she loves to travel and interact with people.

Hema Khatri Hema KhatriLead- Strategic Partnership and Communications

Hema is another name for compassion and deeper conversations. She holds a Masters in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical from Jamia Millia Islamia. Packed with her optimism and the zeal to be a part of the change, she brings more than 8 years of experience in the field of human rights. She firmly believes that a man’s life is characterized by purpose and the efforts he perseveringly dedicates in bringing light to that purpose. She finds her purpose in serving to humankind; to quench her thirst of ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind every ‘what’. She identifies as a social activist and mental health advocate. When not working, things that catch her undivided attention include friends, dogs, music and travelling.

Nishant. N. Nishant. N.Lead- NGO Partnership and Linkages

Nishant has dedicated the past eight years to advancing sustainable development
initiatives across the various region of South Asia with focus on community empowerment,
peacebuilding, coordination and technical support. Nishant holds a master degree in
management and known for strategic vision, collaborative approach and commitment to creating
lasting positive change. He is also a sports enthusiast & loves to play cricket and badminton in
his free time.

Alvia SyedAlvia Syed Lead- Training and Development

Alvia comes with a background in development communication. As Lead - Training and
Development, she is dedicated towards driving change and fostering growth. With her work, she
is committed towards enabling individuals and communities to leverage communication
channels and develop frameworks to enhance and expand their capacities. In her spare time,
she enjoys bird watching, and her passion for photography has inspired her to transform ideas
into solutions.