Our Projects
Donate to Social Causes through Corporate Giving

If you are an individual

Your donation can change lives - You can contribute financially by supporting one of the campaigns that you see on the website.

If you want to be part of a journey that not only transforms grass root organisations, but also changes your perspective, consider volunteering as an option. Give your time and expertise to build strong community organisations and learn and grow from the experience. Learn more about our Volunteering program

If you are a corporate or Institution


As a corporate you want to play an active role in bringing changes to people’s lives. We share this desire and can support you in partnering with credible organisations across thematic areas and geographies. We not only help identify the right partner through a rigorous due diligence process, but also provide support in monitoring and reporting on the project.

Engage Your Employees

Use a Payroll Giving Program for employees to feel connected to a social cause and provide them an opportunity to make lasting change. Employees can contribute a certain amount from their monthly salary. The organisation can also choose to provide a matching grant to encourage employees.

Cause Related Marketing

You might want to include your support to an NGO as a part of the product packaging or contribute part of your sales – cause-related marketing can take various and exciting forms. Brand partnerships that run fundraising campaigns, develop co-branded merchandise, media and experiences that have an impact on the ground are all options that you could choose.