Iswar Sankalpa

Iswar Sankalpa was born in 2007 as a consequence of our burning desire to rehabilitate and reintegrate vulnerable homeless persons with psychosocial disabilities living in the streets and low-resource communities in Kolkata, West Bengal. Our organization works to provide holistic mental healthcare services and rebuilds individual capacity while upholding their rights and dignity.

The organization works through different programmes across different verticals—prevention of homelessness due to psychosocial disability, care and support for homeless persons with psychosocial disability, reintegration of persons in mainstream society, empowerment and rights and capacity building.

The different programmes of Iswar Sankalpa across the verticals are as mentioned below—


Our Vision

Ensuring dignity and holistic wellbeing of persons with psychosocial disabilities.

Our Mission

  • To lend a helping hand to those with psychosocial disabilities,particularly those from under-privileged section of the society.
  • To empower people with psychosocial disabilities and mental health conditions in attaining their rights.

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Contact Details

Admin Office: 19/3 Pitambar Ghatak Lane, Near Chetla Police Station, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700027
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