South Central India Network for Development Alternatives

The taboo surrounding menstrual hygiene in parts of South India has led to marginalization of girls and women. This stigma has also caused numerous adolescent girls to often compromise on their education and other day-to-day activities. Through the Menstrual Hygiene Management campaign that reaches out to 600 rural adolescent girls in Ramnagara and Kolar in Karnataka, SCINDIeA aims to ensure that rural adolescent girls can manage their periods in a way that are healthy and enables full participation in school, work and other activities.
  • SCINDIeA’s staff worker discussing the do’s and dont’s of reusable sanitary napkins
  • School girls at one of SCINDIeA’s project locations ardently listening to the menstrual hygiene awareness workshop being conducted
  • Reusable Sanitary Napkins being distributed to the schoolgirls
  • Students looking forward to the menstrual hygiene awareness workshop