Ugta Suraj Winter Appeal: Pyjamas for Little Dreams

By Social and Development Research and Action Group

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As the icy winds sweep through the streets of Delhi NCR, they bring with them a bone-chilling cold that pierces through even the thickest layers. This winter, we are on a mission to bring warmth to the little hearts that brave the harsh temperatures every day.

In the heart of Greater Noida, the Ugta Suraj program at Barat Ghar, Tughalpur, is a beacon of hope for out-of-school children aged 6 to 15 years. These resilient youngsters, hailing from migrant households engaged in rag picking, strive for an education that can elevate them from the challenges of their circumstances. However, as the winter cold intensifies, our focus shifts to the immediate needs of these children. The biting chill becomes more than a discomfort; it becomes a hindrance to their dreams. In the kachchi bastis near Tughalpur, where these families reside, the harsh reality is stark – little ones without the warmth of proper clothing

INDIAdonates in collaboration with our partner SADRAG seeks your support to donate woollen pants, a simple yet powerful gesture that can shield them from the biting cold, allowing them to face the winter with a bit more warmth and dignity. At Ugta Suraj, we have 60 enthusiastic minds, a diverse group comprising 50% boys and 50% girls aged between 6 to 15 years, all with dreams as boundless as the sky. Yet, as winter tightens its grip, their need for warmth is undeniable.

Let's make this winter unforgettable for the right reasons. Donate today and become a part of a movement that transforms the extreme cold into a season of warmth, love, and hope for the children of Tughalpur, Greater Noida.


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