Social and Development Research and Action Group

SADRAG is a not for profit organization having been in existence since 2004. It is currently working in the geographical areas of North: Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Dadri and rural communities of Western U.P. and in the South: Bangalore.


Areas of Interest and Strengths

Our Vision

With a firm belief in equality of life for all, SADRAG envisions a world of dignity and self respect especially for women and children.

Observing the subservient social roles that bind women and hamper their growth, SADRAG envisages a world that has no scope for gender discrimination, where men and women have equal access to opportunities and availability of resources for growth and can participate equally in social and community life. The children should have a free and healthy life that goes with the community and family for mutual growth and development.

Our Mission

Capacity building of women and children by meeting their basic education, health and skill development needs.

Statistics on Quality of Life indicators show that women and children lag significantly behind men. For example, a large number of women are illiterate and plagued by evils like high morbidity and mortality rates, are unskilled and are left to fend for themselves in all circumstance. The children are taken for granted and their say has no significance, whatsoever, in the world of adults. SADRAG emphasizes that meeting the basic conditions of life along with the skill and education needs of women and children can build the capacity that would take tem on the path of empowerment.

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2, Tagore Park, Delhi-110009
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