Restoring Vision of Elderly Cataract Patients


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A large population of elderly people suffer from cataracts, without the knowledge of the medical problem that they suffer from, which often leads to complete blindness as it progresses in stage. These people, are some of the beneficiaries whose eye-sight has been restored due to timely intervention. But still there are many who do not have access to medical intervention and living on the verge of total blindness, incapacitating them from day-to-day activities.

Rangu Noniya, Bundi Paswan, and Chameli Devi has been living with low vision before they were diagnosed with cataract. Belonging from daily wage labourer families, they had little access to funds and healthcare facilities which left them helpless as their mobility shrunk.

Fortunately, during an eye-screening camp their cataract was detected, and immediately they were taken to the eye hospital where they had to undergo a cataract surgery. Now, despite their advance age, they lead a normal life, and are able to participate in their daily chores.

However, many elderly villagers of Bihar and Jharkhand who are very poor are still suffering from low-vision and cataracts as there are no eye health services in the remote villages.

Cataract being an age-related eye problem is quite common in the rural population of India, where access and knowhow is limited. However, the consequences of complete blindness of even one person affects the entire family, as it leaves the patient on complete care of the families. Apart from medical consequences, cataracts often isolate the elderly patients and indirectly also affects the economy of the household

INDIAdonates partner, Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK) is currently working with a cluster of villages in Bihar and Jharkhand, targeting the poor and elderly people, to give them access to affordable eye healthcare.

The project aims to screen and treat elderly people above 50 years of age with cataracts, who are unable to bear the treatment expenses.


75 % of the population of Bihar and Jharkhand reside in villages, where there are no eye-health care services from the government or any private institution within a 35-40 km radius.

Remote villages residents suffer and are vulnerable in terms of accessibility to eye treatment, therefore, any eye-related problem remains untreated and the problem may continue to grow with time, causing permanent loss of vision.


An ophthalmologist can treat Cataracts easily with 15 minutes of surgery at a very low cost.

Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK) with Lok Nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) eye hospitals will treat 1,000 cataract patients within 100 km of their radius in a year.

Hospitals locations-

  1. Chauparan (Hazaribagh, Jharkhand)
  2. Dumka (Jharkhand)
  3. Wazirgunj (Gaya, Bihar)
  4. Deoghar (Jharkhand)

The project activities will include-

  • Announcement about eye check-up camps in villages through Jeep.
  • Screening and identifying cataract blind patients from the camps.
  • Shifting cataract patients to the base hospital through a bus.
  • Diagnosing the problems, conducting required tests, and getting the problem treated through surgery by a qualified ophthalmologist, and restoring the vision.
  • Vision Test, discharge with proper precautionary instructions, giving black spectacles and post-operative medicines (all next day to surgery)
  • 2 Follow-ups of the operated eye - first after a week, second after a month.





Announcement about the eye camp in 3-4 villages through Jeep (one day before the camp)

₹ 100,000


Organizing eye screening camp, going to villages on a jeep with the medical team, check-up by the medical staffs and medical equipment, identifying the cataract patients that are not able to see properly.

₹ 500,000


Shifting the patients to the base eye hospital of NBJK  in hospital bus

₹ 100,000


Hospitalization of the cataract patient in the evening and putting required eye-drops in the eyes and giving dinner

₹ 75,000


Next day, all types of required eye tests (duct test, eye-pressure, vision test, biometry, sugar test, blood-pressure test, HIV AIDS test etc.)

₹ 250,000


Surgery of the eye having cataract by qualified & experienced eye-surgeon giving pre-operative and during surgery medicines and Intra-ocular lens

₹ 700,000


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the patient

₹ 100,000


On the 3rd day, opening the bandage, vision test of the operated eye, discharge with giving instructions, black spectacle for protection, and giving post-operative medicines

₹ 300,000


Sending the patients back to their villages in the hospital bus or jeep

₹ 100,000


2 follow-up checks of the eye- First after a week and second after a month

₹ 50,000


Hospital admin cost (non-clinical staffs’ salary, Hospital Manager’s salary, hospital building maintenance, book & account keeping, reporting & documentation etc.).

₹ 225,000


Monitoring and reporting cost per beneficiary

₹ 250,000


Total Cost of treatment for 1000 cataract patients

₹ 2,750,000


Treatment cost of each cataract patient – Rs. 2,750/-



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NBJK (Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra) is one of the most renowned, credible, active, and transparent voluntary organizations of the country working in Jharkhand & Bihar in North India completing successful 50 years in 2020 in Rural Development. Inspired by the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi “Satya Ke Prayog” and vision of Sarvodaya Leader, Jai Prakash Narayan, four young more

Regd. Office is at Village: Bahera; Via: Vrindavan, Postoffice: Chauparan 825406, District: Hazaribagh, Jharkhand; Coordination Office At Village: AMRITNAGAR; Postoffice: KORRA; Hazaribagh 825301; District: Hazaribagh; Jharkhand

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