Mental Health Support to Girls Rescued from Human-Trafficking

By Lohardaga Gram Swarajya Sansthan

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Lohardaga is a tribal-dominated district of Jharkhand. Poverty is one of the major issues faced by tribal communities here, often leading them to compulsion. The parents often send off their children to work outside their villages, many children run away from their homes in the hope of earning well and being able to beat the poverty they have been witnessing till now.

Many middlemen target poverty-stricken families or communities, offering them jobs with promising salaries they can’t refuse and often convince the children into the trap, helping them migrate to different cities. However, their stories often take a dark turn where they are trapped in forced labour or are sold into forced prostitution. 

One such case is of Rani a 14-year-old trafficked from her village, sadly her trafficker was a close relative who lived next door. For several days, she was kept in congested rooms with no food and water and later was sold to a brothel. After years of physical abuse and sexual exploitation, one day she was rescued by the local police and brought into a shelter home run by INDIAdonate’s partner NGO in Jharkhand and was reunited with her family. 

INDIAdonates’ on-ground partner, Lohardaga Graam Swarajya Sansthan (LGSS) works to rescue trafficked girls like Rani, along with local authorities, and reunite them with their families. However, the girls still need help, understanding and psycho-social support to come out of trauma and live fruitful lives. 

INDIAdonates and its partner aim to empower 100 such adolescent girls rescued and reunited with their families in 52 villages of Lohardaga district. These girls, aged 10 to 19, require psycho-social support to overcome trauma and remain safe from further adversity.

Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for these young girls who have been trafficked, separated from all things familiar, abused and traumatized.

You can help these girls get back on their feet and build better lives for themselves. Let us not fail them again!





S.No Program Components Total Cost
1 Mental health support to beneficiaries through counsellors 360000
2 Travel transportation for home visits 60000
3 Operational and Monitoring Cost 42000
TOTAL 462000


₹ 462000
Successfully Completed

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About the NGO

Lohardaga Gram Swarajya Sansthan

Lohardaga Gram Swarajya Sansthan was founded in the year of 1985 by few people from diverse sections of the society who were inspired by the Gandhian Philosophy and influenced by the noble ideas of Vinoba Ji and Jay Prakash Ji. The founding members of the organization had a deep concern regarding the contemporary condition of area, which had a long history of negligence from all sectors and more

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