Gyan Setu: Ensuring Primary Education for 120 kids through Community Learning Centres

By Supporting Association for Thematic and Holistic Initiatives-SATHI

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Sundari, an 8-year-old girl in Paratajpur Village in Uttar Pradesh, has been out of school for a year now. Her parents work as daily wage labourers at a nearby brick kiln. Sundari is weak at studies. She does not remember her English or Hindi alphabets or numbers. 

Attendance irregularity and drop-out rates are extremely high in the local government Primary Schools of Paratajpur, Deehpure Birbal and Adilpur of block Harringtoganj, Ayodhya. 

Countless students like Sundari need special attention for their education. The teachers at the village primary schools do not have the time or inclination to pay special attention to them. The parents, mostly illiterate and daily wage labourers, are unable to guide their children’s learning processes. 

Our NGO Partner, Supporting Association for Thematic and Holistic Initiatives (SATHI) is working with local women leaders to provide primary level education to 120 children within the age bracket of 5 to 12 years, in three villages in Harrington Ganj Block, under the ‘Gyan Setu’ Project


At 68%, Ayodhya District has one of the lowest literacy rates in Uttar Pradesh. In Harrington Ganj Block, most of the families are dependent on daily wage labour. Uncertainty of income and school closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in children being devoid of an education and pulled into child labour. 

“Education is not a priority for the families in our village due to their financial instability. The children were irregular at school even before the COVID-19 lock down and with the school closure they are now out of school for over a year. There is a huge gap in their learning and this is likely to lead them to drop out completely”, says Malti, a local woman leader working to provide primary education to children



Being deprived of financial independence and literacy, women in these communities were unable to support their families, and had limited decision-making power. To change the situation for the next generation, women leaders in the community came together and pledged to start primary schools in the three villages, to combat the learning gap of the children and ensure a smooth transition to the government High School once they are ready. 

The project aims to create 3 Primary Schools where 120 children, more than 50% of whom are girl children, will be given education using exciting, interactive methods in their local language. Local women from the community with college degrees will be recruited as teachers. Through interactive, hands-on learning and teaching methods each student’s progress will be closely guided and monitored using a pre-planned growth map.

At the end of the program, the children, having achieved the desired learning capacity will be re-integrated into the mainstream education system.

Your one-time contribution of Rs. 2500 will ensure education to one child for the duration of one year.

Support a child's education for a year Rs. 2,500
Support a child's education for 2 years Rs. 4,220

  Budget for 3 Centers with 120 beneficiaries
    Unit Cost (INR) Number of Units Frequency (in months) Total (INR) Year 1 Year 2
1 Running Cost for Schools 7162 1 24 171888 85944 85944
2 Infrastructure and setting up of Schools 29334 3 1 88002 88002  
3 Stationery and Learning Material for students 964 3 24 69408 34704 34704
4 Teachers' Honorarium 2339 3 24 168408 84204 84204
5 Training Cost for Teachers 2898 3 1 8694 8694  
  Total for 2 years       506400 301548 204852
  Cost per beneficiary       4220 2500 1700


Support a child's education for a year 2500
Support a child's education for 2 years 4220



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