VAANI Deaf Children's Foundation

We work on the crucial issue of early childhood deafness. The most unique aspect about our work is that we not only teach deaf children but also their parents/family members - thus ensuring that the training is sustainable and that parents/family members are equipped to handle the child’s needs of communication, learning and comprehension. Further, VAANI works with teachers in government schools, local CBO's and Government departments, gram panchayats, and the general public, to raise awareness about the issues of childhood deafness, and also has a presence on high-level decision making bodies to effect changes in policy towards deaf education. With this holistic approach to the issue of childhood deafness, VAANI ensures that every aspect of the deaf child’s ecosystem is sensitized, trained and impacted.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to advocate for the right of every deaf child to a full and complete life with respect

and dignity.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring language and communication into the lives of deaf children and their families and thus enabling them to have meaningful conversations between themselves and the world around them.

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No.809, 2A Cross, 8th Main,, Kalyan Nagar, HRBR 1st Block
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