SAMVAD was formed in March 2001, by a group of social and cultural activists and intellectuals who were concerned about the declining Indigenous identity due to various internal and external factors. SAMVAD believes that development is a sustainable process. It addresses not just the direct manifestation of the problems but also their structural causes, which are quite distinct and different from other Voluntary Organizations.

Our Vision

SAMVAD envisions a society where relations between human beings and nature is balanced for preservation of the indigenous social values and creation of sustainable livelihood for people towards establishment of a society on a communitarian lifestyle, labor-oriented and egalitarianism which accepts the diversity and differences among human beings. This is the society of “Indigenocracy”.

Our Mission

SAMVAD strives for self Governance, self-reliant and self-respectful society based on equality, gender-equity, labor-oriented universe, and self-governance by strengthening the communitarian lifestyle of the indigenous and downtrodden people. Efforts are on to empower Gram Sabhas and traditional governance systems in the villages of Adivasis, Dalits, Minorities, and the poor as a whole. It ensures equal representation and equal participation of women and men in community level decision making and development processes.

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SAMVAD, 301-A,Urmila Enclave, Peace Road, Lalpur, Ranchi-834001, Jarkhand
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