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Rongmei Naga Baptist Association (RNBA) is a non-profit, secular and non-governmental organization actively engaging for the last 35 years in the development sector. RNBA started supporting small and community based NGOs for the last 15 years taking the role of nodal agency in Manipur and Nagaland. Capacity building of NGOs, Cluster development as FPOs, Cooperatives & SHG Federation, strengthening of local level institutions, supporting small and marginal farmers and tribal through different programs of RNBA and peace building program in the state of Manipur. RNBA is working with 17 NGOs in Manipur across the 16 districts and one NGO in Nagaland. Our work is mainly focus around skill development, sustainable natural resource management and livelihood through SHG and its Federation, FPOs in a cluster mode.


Some of the major activities of RNBA on NRM are Skill development, Promoting artisans, Land development activities, Water Resources Augmentation, Fruit plantations/agro-forestry, Cultivation of seasonal crops identified in market survey, Short-term livestock production/aquaculture as per market survey, Capacity Building on NRM/agricultural skills of community member, Linkage with Govt Departments for convergence and capacity building for primary and secondary stakeholders. Some livelihood activities are Awareness raising about market dynamics, Organization of Knowledge/Livelihoods Mela, Carrying out Market Survey for identification of commodities, Developing commodity profiles and conducting local value chain analysis, Capacity building of SHG, Developing Local 'Haat' or 'Community market', Revolving fund support for carrying out small business, Support for participation in exhibitions/fairs, Support for value addition of identified commodity and Skill development of individuals on trades in demand (as per market survey).


RNBA reached out to 17 districts (16 in Manipur and 1 in Nagaland) covering around 350 villages and catering to 3.5 lakhs population. Some major achievement of RNBA includes 20-50% incremental income of target families; partners are capacitated and are becoming vibrant NGOs in their own areas having good influence with Govt. and communities. Tangible impact created towards sustainable environment. Women and vulnerable groups and tribal are more empowered and their livelihood has improved considerably.


Introducing our new initiative; in the year 2019, RNBA expanded focus towards education. The build up of the initiative started when we identified numerous issues failing to provide accessible quality education to our children in rural areas. On this ground, RNBA has set up 2 schools located in Noney district, Manipur with an aim to ensure all children regardless of background and economic status get equal opportunities to attain accessible quality education that educate, train and encourage children to reach their fullest potential. At present our school provides higher secondary going students vocational training such as cane & bamboo handicrafts training, spawning mushrooms besides providing conventional curricular activities.

Our Vision

Self-reliant society and realizing the words of God through which every individual understands his/her responsibility towards humankind and nature. 

Our Mission

  • RNBA is grounded and inspired by the words of God with the faith sees the world as God's creation. 
  • Committed to Partnership with the humaness particularly the poor and the powerless. 
  • Anticipated, envisioned and strife for peace and justice. 
  • stewardship towards creation. 

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Tamenglong, Church Road, Manipur
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