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Workshop on Effective Fundraising for Sustainability-||

INDIAdonates is delighted to announce the fourth edition of its Capacity Building Workshop, “Effective Fundraising for Sustainability”.

This workshop has been designed to assist partner NGOs create a diversified and customized fundraising strategy to build resilient and sustainable institutions. The comprehensive module of two hours will focus on different fundraising avenues, the current trends in fundraising as well as managing several types of donor leads. ultimately leading to a robust and optimized fundraising structure within any organization.

Who can Join: We encourage the leadership team from Fundraising verticals to participate in the workshop. However, professionals from other verticals, passionate about Fundraising are welcomed to join as well. Please note, only one registration per organization is encouraged, multiple participants can join using the same link.

Participants can join the two hours’ immersive workshop on any one of the two dates below:
21st November, 2022 
22nd November, 2022

Time: 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM
The workshop will be delivered by Uttama Pandit, Head, INDIAdonates and Puja Biswas, Manager- Partnership & Communication, INDIAdonates

Outcome: Every participating organization will create their own Fundraising Strategy through the workshop

About Uttama Pandit: Uttama, having led fundraising efforts at various development organizations, brings great insights on varied fundraising strategies. She has demonstrated expertise on online and retail fundraising, optimization of online resources, digital marketing and communication. Currently, as Head, INDIAdonates, Uttama is at the forefront of fundraising for INDIAdonates and leads the team responsible for fundraising efforts for INDIAdonates’ partners. 

About Puja Biswas:  Puja comes with specialized experience in strategic partnership development within the social sector. At INDIAdonates, Puja has contributed to strategy planning and development at the organization leading to its growth in reach and network and is currently leading the partnership and communication verticals. She regularly supports INDIAdonates’ network partners in creating programs, fundraising strategies and development communication. 

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