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Synergy and Sustainability Symposium III: Inclusive Sustainability Mar 07, 2024

INDIAdonates is thrilled to announce the third instalment of its Annual CSR Event.  

'Synergy and Sustainability Symposium III: Inclusive Sustainability', a half-day event deliberating upon the core element of building an inclusivity lens into social action towards sustainability, will be held at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi on 7th March, 2024.

As an ENABLER of social development, INDIAdonates has consistently brought together individuals and organizations that have the power to bring about significant change in society, particularly at the grassroots level. Building on the success of our first and second events in the Synergy and Sustainability Series, held in 2021 and 2022, with specific focus on creating synergies and optimizing innovation, INDIAdonates is launching the Synergy and Sustainability Symposium III to take the discourse forward.

Embrace a world where sustainability isn't just about individual programs or the environment—it's about empowering the marginalized, building participation and capacity at the grassroots to find solutions and reaching the unreached.  

The symposium is a call to action, urging CSR professionals, sustainability leaders, and NGOs to unite under the theme of "Inclusive Sustainability” towards the common goal of Empowering Marginalized Communities."  


Why Attend?

Explore innovative ways to make sustainability initiatives inclusive and beneficial for those often unheard of and left behind. Be part of meaningful discussions on tackling climate change, poverty, and inequality. Invest in and promote sustainable action towards the planet and the people that emphasizes on actively uplifting the most vulnerable.  


What Can Be Expected?

Panel Discussion:

Attend a panel discussion on "People, Planet, and Profit: Corporate Stewardship in Ensuring Inclusive Growth," delving into the pivotal role of corporations in fostering sustainable and inclusive development. It aims to explore innovative approaches beyond traditional CSR practices, focusing on how corporate entities can actively contribute to the well-being of marginalized communities. From sustainable supply chains to community engagement programs, the discussion will share best practices, insights, and strategies that prioritize inclusivity at all levels.

By centralizing participatory social welfare practices and advocating for diversity and inclusion focused planning, the panel will aim to inspire corporate leaders to adopt stewardship models that not only drive economic growth but also contribute significantly to social equity, thus shaping a more sustainable and just global landscape.

Felicitation Ceremony:

Witness outstanding initiatives nurturing inclusive and sustainable actions honoured in categories like "Innovative Technology for Social Inclusion", "Inclusive Health and Well-being”, “Education for all” and others. The goal is to celebrate those going beyond convention, inspiring a ripple effect for a more inclusive and sustainable future.  In recognizing and celebrating diverse efforts, INDIAdonates aims to inspire a collective commitment to building a resilient and sustainable future.


Be Part of Change:

Attend the Synergy and Sustainability Symposium III. Your presence contributes to a world where inclusivity is not just a belief but a powerful force driving positive change.

Join us in fostering shared responsibility and making inclusivity a core element of sustainability initiatives.  Together, let's build a future that leaves no one behind!  

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India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

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