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Run for a cause: Noida Grand Marathon Feb 10, 2024

INDIAdonates joined the pulsating rhythm of the 8th edition of the Noida Grand Marathon 2024, orchestrated by Piku Sports Pvt Ltd. Our collaboration intertwined to spark vitality and altruism. As we embark on this journey, it transcends beyond mere pavement pounding; it's a symphony of purpose, celebrating life's essence. Each stride signified our commitment to a healthier, more compassionate world. Amidst the crowd's fervor, let's listen to the silent cries of those in need and let our footsteps echo with hope. Through the Noida Grand Marathon, we not only ran but ran with purpose - for children silenced by adversity, elders longing for kindness, and the earth craving stewardship.


Venue Details

CRC Group, Plot No. 1B, Sector 140A, Noida