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A daughter, a wife in parts of India is many times deprived of nutritious food, health care and minimum education. Often a mother of two or more takes care of parents in-law and the larger family and yet suffers from many problems, within and outside houses.

Uttar Pradesh fares poorly on many indicators of gender equality including early marriage and crimes against women. The results from studies by the United Nations Population Fund have indicated that in comparison to all sample states Uttar Pradesh has the largest proportion of men reporting high control over their partners and similarly the lowest proportion of men displaying gender equitable attitudes. Women in parts of Sambalpur and Saharanpur Districts, U.P, live under abject poverty which makes them vulnerable to economic exploitation. They do not have proper houses to live in. They lack the basic facilities of pure drinking water, sanitation and health care facilities. They are paid less wages than prescribed by the law  and have to work for long hours. Often, their husbands do not contribute to household chores and sometimes even take away their hard-earned wages for liquor consumption and gambling. 

Through an on-ground Partner, INDIAdonates would like to support these women through a project intervention ‘Saksham Silai Kendras’ in Sambalpur and Saharanpur Districts, whose objective is to provide increased participation in alternate employment opportunities like tailoring and stitching. The project is currently training 40 women in using stitching machines, designing womenswear and apparel and conclusively, providing help in finding employment opportunities. The intended impact of this project is to raise the morale of these women heroes, take them from job planning to practice and make them a substantial part of the community decision making process.

This is an opportunity for you all to make a difference. By sponsoring an Amount of Rs 2100, you will be able to support training of a single woman learner for a month. Your contribution will be invaluable to the hard work of these strong and resilient women. Please donate!



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