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INDIAdonates proudly stands as the philanthropic partner of the Noida Grand Marathon 2024, which is the 8th edition of the marathon. It is an inspiring initiative by PikuSports dedicated to fostering a healthier lifestyle among individuals. We believe in the power of collective action, and what better way to promote well-being than through a marathon that also supports meaningful causes?

The Noida Grand Marathon is a way of encouraging everyone to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. It goes beyond running; it's about running with a purpose. As you participate in the marathon, you have the opportunity to choose a cause close to your heart, making each step count towards creating positive change in the community.

Join us in making every step count: INDIAdonates invites you to join us in this unique blend of fitness and philanthropy. Run not just for yourself but for a cause that resonates with you. Let's come together, lace up our shoes, and make every step count towards creating a healthier and more compassionate world.

After donating, remember to complete your Noida Grand Marathon registration to confirm your participation. 


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