Rebuild the Lives of Domestic Violence Survivors through Employment

By Bihar Voluntary Health Association

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In 10 years of her marriage, twenty-nine-year old Bharati Devi* was repeatedly abused by her husband and her in-laws. She left her in-laws’ house with her children 5 years ago, but that did nothing to curb the violence. Her own parents consistently refused to shelter and feed her and her children. 

“Even after seeing me bruised and bleeding, my parents tried to send me back to my husband multiple times.  Although I have been desperate to want reconciliation with my husband, but when my in-laws started physically abusing my children and even going as far as to keep them away from me, I had to cut ties with them. I have been unable to bear the expenses of my 2 children and mine. I desperately need a secured monthly income” says Bharati Devi, a resident of Digha Slum in Patna.

Our NGO Partner, Bihar Voluntary Health Association (BVHA) has been working with survivors of domestic violence, providing them counselling, for almost 20 years. However, with the ongoing pandemic, and the rising cases of domestic violence, BVHA realised the need to impart skill development training to the survivors, which would enhance their income, decision-making power and help them gain control of their lives. 

BVHA will work with 30 such survivors of domestic violence from 5 urban slums of  Patna. They will receive skill development training on sewing, embroidery and other skills related to making, mending and beautifying clothes to gain financial security.



The COVID-19 pandemic, ensuing lockdown and the economic crisis, have led to a sharp rise in domestic violence cases. The National Commission of Women (NCW) reported a 100% spike in  complaints of domestic violence cases. But this record surge in numbers is only the tip of the iceberg. Data indicates 86% of Indian women who face domestic violence, do not report or seek help.

Only 14% of women who have ever experienced violence seek help. 

Globally, the covid-19 pandemic has given rise to a ‘shadow pandemic’ of skyrocketing instances of domestic violence. So far, 48 countries (including India) have acknowledged the grim situation and has treated Violence Against Women (VAW) responses as an integral part of their covid-19 response.

For women living in urban slums of Patna, the pandemic and its economic repercussions have deepened their vulnerability to violence. Women like Bharati Devi*, for whom home is not a safe space, recurrent lockdowns and irregular work cycle, have confined them in close quarters with their abusers and have curbed their access to safety and support.



While larger mindset intervention is required to deal with domestic violence, immediate income support will help these survivors to become self-reliant. 

BVHA will train 30 survivors of domestic violence from 5 urban slums of Patna, in sewing and embroidery. Over the course of four months, the women will attend training for four hours in a day, five days a week. The survivors will be provided with the fare or public transport to attend the training at the office of BVHA. 

The program intends to provide a safe space for the women survivors and empower them by giving them employable skill-sets. 

At the end of the training program, each of the women will be provided with a sewing machine to make and mend clothes from their homes. Additionally, the women will receive an intensive 5 days workshop on Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Book-keeping and building a small business. The goal is to enable the women to engage in income generating activities from home, since circumstances may not allow a lot of these women to step out of their homes seeking employment. Especially for the women who have separated from their abusive husbands and in-laws, running a business from home will give them an opportunity to make a living while looking after their children.

Throughout the process, BVHA will help create market linkages for these women through a network of boutiques, retail clothing stores, and tailoring shops, within Patna. It is expected that the women would be able to earn a monthly income of Rs 9,000-12,000. 


Your contribution of Rs 15,730 can help a survivor of domestic violence lead a dignified life. 


Budget for 6 months- 30 beneficiaries
Sl. No. Particulars Unit Cost (INR) Number of Unit Frequency Total Cost (INR)
1 Cost of raw materials (Cloth, Thread, buttons etc) for 30 Participants 2,230 30 1 66,900
2 Honorarium of trainer 12,000 1 4 48,000
3 Honorarium of one Coordinator cum counsellor 15,000 1 6 90,000
4 Cost of Sewing Machines 6,600 30 1 1,98,000
5 Support for Travel cost of the participants (400 per month per participants) 500 30 4 60,000
7 Cost for 5 day Entrepreneurship Training for the women 9,000 1 1 9,000
  TOTAL (INR)       4,71,900
  Cost per beneficiary (INR)       15,730



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