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By Dignity Foundation

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Shanti Devi, a resident of Govindpuri slum, Delhi migrated to Delhi from a village in Uttar Pradesh during the 1980s and she has been living with her husband and children. With a cruel turn of fate, she lost both her husband and son due to illness. After losing the two main bread earners of the family, Shanti Devi and the remaining family became desperate and have been on survival mode ever since. Today in her 70s, Shanti Devi is still dependent on daily wage work for basic sustenance. However, her health does not allow her to work as much anymore. She is still battling for survival but with age, it becomes a losing battle.

Kamla Devi is a 75-year-old lady living with her granddaughter. Her son left this world leaving Kamla Devi with her grand-daughter who is mentally challenged. Once her daughter-in-law remarried, Kamla Devi living with paralysis and mobility issues became responsible for her granddaughter. Lately, Kamla Devi hasn’t had the physical strength to work for earning enough of a livelihood. Every day for them is an insurmountable struggle.

Just like Shanti Devi and Kamla Devi, today in our country there are a lot of abandoned, lonely, elderly people residing in the slums of many cities who are unable to provide for themselves due to declining health and yet have nobody to take care of them in their golden years.

They are living their lives in abyss, having no one to look after them or to take care of their basic needs.

INDIAdonates with its on-ground partner Dignity Foundation comes forward to provide essentials for survival to abandoned elderly population to bring some amount of ease in their lives.

Through this campaign we provide:

  • Ration Kits (Sugar, oil, Rice, Dal, spices, tea leaves, Poha, wheat flour, soap, sanitizer etc.)
  • Periodical house visits are scheduled for reviewing the living conditions of senior citizens.

These ration kits are distributed every month amongst the elderly in different locations. Our goal is to help at least 500 elderly people in slums of Delhi.

A lot of elderly abandoned by their family members are living on the edge every day. A contribution of 1550 can provide daily sustenance to one elderly person for a month. Even your smallest contribution will help us ease their burden.



Unit cost

Number of Units

Total Cost


Grocery & other essentials

Sugar 1kg, Sunflower oil 1 ltr, 5kg Rice, 2 pieces of soap 100gm, Two N-95 masks, 100ml sanitizer, Tur daal, Masur Daal,Khada Masala, Mirch Poweder, Rava,Tea, powder, Wheat fllour,Poha, Salt, Garam Masala,etc





Transportation of materials and distribution





Personnel Cost for distribution






operational cost





Monitoring of Distribution and documentation




















₹ 775000
Successfully Completed

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About the NGO

Dignity Foundation

What is known as Dignity Foundation today, started out as the magazine Dignity Dialogue in 1995. Over the years, the organisation grew in its service to senior citizens and is now one of the leading non-profits in India for the elderly. In the span of over 26 years, Dignity Foundation has grown from a humble monthly magazine for the elderly to a thriving organisation with multiple programmes that more

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