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  • Millions of people lost their livelihood overnight and the ability to buy one square meal.

    These people are the informal workforce of the Indian economy, with no minimum wages or social security.

Today our voices should be unanimous in supporting and helping the communities that have been worst affected by the COVID-19, lockdown. While it was meant to contain the virus by curbing mobility and promoting social distancing; the direct impact led to the exodus of thousands of people from metropolitan cities to their villages. These people are the informal workforce of the Indian economy, nearly 90% of the country’s workforce, with no minimum wages or social security.

During such unanticipated times, we cannot overlook the socio-economic plight of the most vulnerable and the poorest section of society. As a direct measure of intervention Indiadonates has formed an alliance with multiple CSOs spread across India who are working on COVID-19 response. We want to help them mobilize funds for people affected due to livelihood issues - by providing food and ration, doing awareness activities on Coronavirus, providing hygiene kits, and medicines. In order to solidify our alliances with the frontline NGOs and volunteers who are working from the ground, we have taken the onus on ourselves to raise necessary funds through digital foot-soldiers like YOU, for the situation that currently prevails and also post-COVID-19 lockdown.

We strongly urge each of you to help our partners start with the reparation plans. While we are hopeful to come out of this emergency sooner or later, it will have a deep impact on the fabric of our society, if we do not take timely measures to help those who are unable to help themselves. Our partners, who are now working on COVID-19 response, are each day bringing stories of despair and anxiety which have struck hard in the hearts and minds of the multitudes.

Villages are slowly running out of resources, some are even complaining of price rise, easy access to medicines and doctors have deterred in rural India, as transportation has come to a standstill, affecting large communities. While we cannot comprehend the economic impact of COVID-19 lockdown about yet, what we can understand and immediately act upon is a “sustained act of providing resources for survival,” to these masses.

Under this segment of our COVID-19 response campaign, we will be bringing you stories right from the ground where our partners are engaged with the beneficiaries. While the donations will be channelled through Indiadonates, we assure you of complete transparency and a report back on fund utilization, through our partners. We maintain a high standard of accountability and work with only credible NGOs.


Here is a list of partners and the response work that they are carrying forward in multiple regions of India.

Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha (BTS)

Sunderban, West Bengal

Sunderban, famous for its mangrove is also one of the most vulnerable villages in India, due to lack of infrastructure, health facility, education. Economic activities are also limited to agriculture and fisheries. Due to the mass exodus that happened due to the lockdown, thousands of families have lost their livelihood, and there is nothing much to do even as they return home but to stay inside. While screening of these homebound workers is going on by the on-ground health workers, the families are living in utter poverty, without food for proper hygiene facilities. Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha is working primarily with the fishing community, of which 400 families will be provided with hygiene kits and dry ration till the lockdown continues.

Number of beneficiaries = 400 families.

Targeted amount = Rs. 3,00,000


Dalit Bahujan Resource Centre (DBRC)

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

DBRC works for the Dalits, Adivasis, Safai Karmacharis (Waste Pickers, drainage workers) and other marginalized communities. These communities are engaged in collecting waste for recycling, cleaning the roads, opening the locked, blocked or filthy toilets. However, due to the lockdown, their livelihood has temporarily taken a hit and they are currently fighting hunger. Since the lockdown, DBRC has initiated Relief work to the Waste Pickers, drainage workers and migrant workers in Guntur, Vijayawada, Tenali, Eluru, Visakhapatnam, and Darsi. Each Kit will consist of Rice, Dhal, Oil, masks, sanitizer, onions, soaps, surf, etc. These kits will be distributed to 400 families.

Number of beneficiaries = 400 families.

Targeted amount = Rs. 3,00,000


Manav Vikas Sansthan(MVS)


In the Madhubani district of Bihar, 10,000 out-migrated workers have returned home, due to COVID-19 lockdown.  But the situation remains grim, as people do not have enough to eat and neither do they have means to livelihood. During the first phase of the lockdown Manav Vikas Sanasthan started doing an awareness program in the targeted area but soon realised that saving people from hunger was the more immediate intervention, as the lockdown extended for another 19 days. MVS has identified families with elderly, children, and pregnant women who are having a tough time. The campaign will provide short time relief through food items to 400 families during the lockdown.

Number of beneficiaries = 400 families.

Targeted amount = Rs. 3,00,000


Vikas Samvad Samiti (VSS)

Madhya Pradesh

Four out of every 10 children are affected by malnutrition in Madhya Pradesh. While more than half of the women and about two-thirds of adolescent girls are anemic. The outbreak of COVID-19 has aggravated the situation as it affected more than 3 crores of unorganized and agricultural workers in the state. Our partner Vikas Samvad, is working towards providing nutrition, food and employment security of rural families with special focus on Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes in 6 districts of Madhya Pradesh (Rewa, Panna, Satna, Umaria, Niwadi, and Shivpuri). And currently, through their COVID-19 response, they aim to tackle the persisting problem of nutrition in 6000 such families affected due to the lockdown. VSS further plans to ensure food and nutrition security of the most deprived families especially children through focused identification on families with children, pregnant and lactating mothers and aims to provide immediate Food Relief support to 400 families by providing ration kits including legumes, grains, oil, and jaggery along with soap.

Number of beneficiaries = 400 families.

Targeted amount = Rs. 3,00,000


ICCO (Innovate. Change. Collaborate.)

Assam and Delhi.

ICCO works with farmers, unorganized workers, women, youth and children, across India. Due to the lockdown, they are right now concentrating their outreach activity in Assam and Delhi-NCR their staff, women leaders, volunteers, and partners on COVID-19 relief. Their brave women leaders have already helped the police and administration in monitoring and tracking of youths who have returned from various parts of the country. At the same time, these women leaders are distributing food, vegetables, masks, soaps, sanitizers, and essential services to the vulnerable communities. ICCO has also started a social media campaign #NothingLikeThis for creating mass awareness and sharing the stories and challenges of young entrepreneurs on the field.  ICCO will be supplying dry ration and hygiene kits to 120 selected families of Shehzada Bagh, Inderlok, Sangam Vihar, Tulsinagar/Trinagar, and Hauzkhas Shapujat in Delhi, and Ghoramora and Arya Vidyapith College chowk in Guwahati.

Number of beneficiaries = 120 families.

Targeted amount = Rs. 90,000


Consolidated Budget:

Total number of beneficiaries = 1720 Families

The amount required per family = Rs. 750

Total targeted amount = Rs.750 * 1720(families) = Rs.12,90,000/- Project by. Description Beneficiary UNIT Amount(INR)
1 Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha (BTS) Provide Hygiene kits & Dry ration 400 Families Rs.750 per family. 300000
2 Dalit Bahujan Resource Centre. (DBRC) Provide dry ration & Hygiene kit 400 Families Rs.750 per family. 300000
3 Manav Vikas Sansthan (MVS) Provide Hygiene kits & Dry ration 400 Families Rs.750 per family. 300000
4 Vikas Samvad Samiti (VSS) Provide Hygiene kits & Dry ration 400 families Rs.750 per family. 300000
5 ICCO (Innovate. Change. Collaborate.) Provide Dry ration & hygiene kits 120 families Rs.750 per family. 90000
TOTAL 1720 Families   Rs.12,90,000 /-



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Campaign Completed

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