Community Healthcare for Hijra Samaj

By India HIV/AIDS Alliance

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The transgender, "hijra," or "kinnar" community is clearly apparent because most of its members are easily identifiable based on their appearance and demeanour. But in the sense that society rejects them and refuses to even acknowledge their existence, they are invisible. They experience issues in every aspect of life. A majority of this population depends on begging, sex work and other odd jobs to sustain their lives. However, the challenges they encounter in getting access to high-quality community healthcare can occasionally leave them with irreparable physical and mental harm and even put their lives in danger. In terms of community healthcare, a lot of transgender and/or hijra persons are deprived of quality health care support due to a high level of stigma and discrimination at the healthcare facilities, thus increasing the susceptibility of the population to various health hazards. 

INDIAdonates’ partner Alliance India is providing comprehensive healthcare services to 400 transgender and hijra persons in Noida like HIV/AIDS screening and treatment, protection against communicable diseases like TB and chronic ailments like cardiovascular problems and diabetes. Counselling for mental health will also be arranged to provide psychological well-being. This will ensure overall community development with better health outcomes. 

This is a call to action to provide much-needed medical care to our fellow citizens who have been marginalised for centuries. Let's not fail them again! Please donate.


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