Capacitating the youth of Jammu & Kashmir with Employability

By She Hope Society

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Youth plays a vital role in the development of our society, they have the capacity to bring around social reforms and changes in the practices of the community as they act as primary agents of change and progress. The country's youth presents the nation's future, but due to the frustration of unemployment, many have deviated from their path or journey. Unemployment is primarily linked to the archaic educational system that does not include vocational courses or building job-ready skill sets that can seamlessly fit them into the market, creating a gap that makes it difficult for these youth to find jobs.

Jammu and Kashmir have a strong historical presence and rich cultural background, known for its lakes, valleys and hills and historical sites etc. Tourism is one of the primary sources of income for this UT. But earnings can be irregular and volatile with many households suffering financial crises due to unstable income and limited resources concerning employment.

INDIAdonates with its on-ground She Hope Centre for Women Entrepreneurs aims to combat unemployment for economically disadvantaged individuals, women-headed households and people with disabilities residing in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Working towards alleviating unemployment with a holistic approach, we will be focusing on providing 100 individuals with job-ready and marketable skills such as

  •  GST Training
  •  Artistry in Corporate Branding (Diary, folder, ID-Card Holder)
  •  Artistry in Sublimation Printing (Mugs, T-shirt)
  •  Training on Fabric Crafting (Tailoring unit)
  •  CCTV Installation Expertise

It will create an ecosystem where youth would naturally choose to upgrade the skills that can get them jobs and wean them away from social ills that are prevalent in society. Being a conflict-ridden state, keeping the youth engaged in gainful and sustainable employment saves them from falling into the trap of unsavoury life choices. 

We can provide these promising and talented youth direction and resources to a sustainable livelihood and, in turn, a fulfilling life! Please donate to help vulnerable youth build meaningful lives!



Amount INR

Handmade corporate merchandise:


Provision Of Raw Material


Provision of tools


Facilitation in selling merchandise


Training on sublimation printing:


Provision of tools & equipment


Facilitation on linkages with WDC and EDI


Trainers' honorarium Sublimation Printing (3 months)


Training on cutting and tailoring:


Cloth (Raw material)


Training on CCTV installation and repairing:


Provision of tools


Trainer's honorarium for CCTV Installation Training (3 months)


GST Training


Trainers' honorarium for GST Training (3 months)


Transportation to beneficiaries


Office supplies


Printing & Stationary


Electricity bill


Monitoring and documentation Cost







₹40,200 of ₹459000
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