Bridging the Digital Divide for Livelihood of Youth

By Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society

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Babu* is an educated youth residing in the rural area of Diamond Harbour, but despite his degree and best efforts he failed to obtain a job. Like Babu, there are many youth in the area who are unable to get employment in the competitive job market. 

“My parents are daily-wage agricultural labourers, with a monthly income of around Rs 2000. It was very important for me to secure a job, to come out of the cycle of poverty but despite my BA degree I couldn’t get a job,” says Babu (22), a resident of Diamond harbour (II) block in South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.

Lack of relevant job-oriented skills are getting the rural youth stuck in the unorganized sector. However, with the help of our partner NGO Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society (KMSWS), Babu secured a job at a private bank by gaining the necessary skills. 

Therefore to address the critical issue and to provide employment opportunities to the rural youth we plan to train 100 such local youth (between the age group of 18 to 21) on basic computer skills through the online learning platform, ‘Udemy’.

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In the rural areas of Diamond Harbour (II) block, West Bengal, 58% of the total workforce are daily wage and landless agricultural labourers, 21% are self-employed rural craft-workers, hawkers etc and 8% of the population are landed cultivators.

Only 13% of the workforce are employed in salaried jobs within the organized sector.


Unemployment and income instability are the biggest challenges in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. 37% of the total population live below the poverty line. Completion of higher secondary level education, or even a college degree is often unable to fetch the local youth a secure and sustainable livelihood option. South 24 Parganas has one of the highest unemployment rates in West Bengal. 

The initial need assessment indicates that the uncertainty of income and employment is due to lack of relevant skills and knowledge of technology and computer applications among the educated youth. The landless, low-income and daily wage families are unable to support their children for higher or alternative professional education. 

The District Employment Exchange set up by the State Government is unable to connect the youth with gainful and regular employment even after 10 years of registration, in some cases. The lack of regular work makes the youth directionless as well as pushes them to early marriage, especially in the cases of women. 



Provide Skill Development Training to 100 youth on IT, MS Office, Tally, Windows etc

KMSWS specialises in running a Skill Development Training Program for 18 to 21 year-olds with at least higher secondary level education. It is planned that they would train 100 rural youth and provide them with a certificate that is accepted at the District Employment Exchange. 

In keeping with the relevant trends within the job-market and to optimally use of new and emerging technology, the curriculum will incorporate modules on basics of computer (desktop and IT support), Microsoft Office, Financial Accounting with Tally ERP and GST, Windows 10 Troubleshooting as well as knowledge of how to fix Wi-Fi, Computer Hardware, Networking Problems etc.

This will help them secure salaried jobs with a monthly income of Rs. 9000 to 12000 in fields of banking, insurance, retail stores, local small business, data entry jobs etc. KMSWS will connect the beneficiaries with potential employers in the nearest town, Diamond Harbour (13 km), in and around Kolkata metropolitan area (36 km) as well as at Falta SEZ (16 km).

Your contribution of Rs 6,430 will help in securing a regular and sustainable income for rural youth in West Bengal.


Budget for 12 Months Program and 100 Beneficiaries
Sl. No. Cost Overheads Unit Cost (INR) Number of Units Frequency Total Cost (INR)
One-Time Expenditure (A)
  Tables  2,000 5 1 10,000
  Chairs (Each Batch will be of 25 students) 248 25 1 6,200
  Router/LAN 5,000 1 1 5,000
  Electrical Fittings 10,000 1 1 10,000
  Subscription to Online Computer Training Modules (Udemy) 1,000 10 1 10,000
  Sub-Total (A)     41,200
Monthly Expenditure (B)
  Honorarium to Resource Persons/ Experts 10,500 2 12 2,52,000
  Internet Subscription 2,000 8 12 1,92,000
  Electricity Expenses 7,300 1 12 87,600
  Rent for the Center 5,850   12 70,200
  Sub-Total (B)     6,01,800
Grand Total Expenditure (A+B)     6,43,000
  Cost per beneficiary       6,430



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₹ 643000
Successfully Completed

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Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society

Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society (KMSWS) is a small non-governmental, not-for-profit registered voluntary organization established in the year 1999. The aim of the society is for the development and uplift of the poor of the poorest community members living in rural areas of South Twenty Four Parganas. From the last 23 yrs they have been working on child education, youth development , more

Vill-Kankura Masat, P.O-Masat, P.S-Diamond Harbour, District- South 24 Parganas.

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